Wednesday, 14 November 2018




14th November 2016




Salam alaykum,


Whereas, NASFAT remains a welcoming society to all peace loving Muslims who share her aims and objectives and submits to her constitution.


On the authority of the National Executive Council of Nasrul-Lahi -L- Fatih Society (NASFAT) the general public is hereby notified that NASFAT has only ONE branch that is recognised and referred to as NASFAT MILLWALL BRANCH IN THE UK & IRELAND ZONE. For the purpose of clarity, this branch currently holds its regular weekly Asalatu at Pennack House, Pennack Road Peckham SE15 6DD and is led by the following recognised officers and Missionaries:


  • A.      Bro. Lookman Bola Ogunbadejo -  Chairman, Branch Executive Council (for day to management of the branch)
  • B.      Imam Muyideen Ibuowo -  Lead Branch Missionary.
  • C.      Alhaji AbdulAzeez Bankole Chairman, Board of Trustees.


Please be informed and weary of any other group that may parade itself as NASFAT, Millwall branch. It is pertinent to remind all members of NASFAT and innocent members of the public that NASFAT is a registered and protected brand that remains the exclusive franchise of Nasrul-Lahi –l- FatIh Society with Headquarters at 6 Adebo Close, Ilupeju, Lagos.   All assets of NASFAT including her logo, prayer books, cassettes, CD and any other NASFAT registered contents are not allowed to be used without the consent of NASFAT Society


Please, note that anyone who carries deals with any other body apart from the above as NASFAT Millwall Branch does so strictly at his own risk. Not also that anyone who violates or aids another to violate any of these rules will be liable in law and will face the full wrath of the law.  






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