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The Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola, paid an appreciative visit to the Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society (NASFAT) Monthly Asalatu programme, held on Sunday August 31, 2014, at the NASFAT Islamic Center, Mowe, Ogun State.

According to the governor, he had come to thank Almighty Allah on his re-election for a second term as Governor of the State of Osun.

Aregbesola, a long standing member of NASFAT and member of the National Council of Elders of the Society, was in joyous mood as he sat through the programme with members of his entourage.


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NASFAT Empowerment committee is organizing a 4-Week Skill building workshop for teenagers on home management, sewing, cookery, bead craft, Website designing, Photography, photo shooting, computer graphic, Financial literacy (saving & investment) for all etc.

REGISTRATION FEE: N5, 000 (A Month).

DATE: 26th August – 26th September,

VENUE: Alausa Central Mosque, NASFAT Praying Ground, Alausa, Ikeja.

TIME: Monday – Thursday (9am- 1pm)

Contact Mrs Kupolati, NASFAT National Empowerment Secretary on 08033068589


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NASFAT Members and other Muslims attending NASFAT Monthly Asalatu holding on August 31, 2014 at the NASFAT ISLAMIC CENTRE Mowe/Ibafo can join free buses (NASFAT/LAGBUS) at the following bus stops: 1). Agege/Pen Cinema (After roundabout) 2). Ketu by Police station (Last BRT bus/stop) 3). Onipanu (Beside Mobil Petrol Station, Onipanu) Take Off time: 8:00am Guest Lecturer: Sheikh JAMIU SANUSI (A-MIN OLORUN) Ma Salam.


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This is to dissociate NASRUL-LAHI-L-FATIH Society (NASFAT) from a supposed group inviting Muslims to a purported launch of a NASFAT Asalatu Group at Karimia Institute, 141-143 Berrridge Road East, NG7 5 Ju, Nottingham, on August 10, 2014 at 12 noon because the respective organs of the Society are not aware or give approval for it.


We are therefore using this disclaimer to warn and advise unsuspecting members of our Society and the general public that the only recognised NASFAT group at Nottingham holds assalatu regularly at:


Forest Fields Welfare Association Hall.

49, Russell Road, Hyson Green,

Nottingham NG7 6PP


You are therefore advised to disregard the supposed invitation as not emanating from NASFAT Society.


Maa Salaam.



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The 15th NASFAT Annual Women’s Week is scheduled to hold from 7th  - 14th September, 2014 at all NASFAT Branches Worldwide while the Grand Finale will hold on 14th of September 2014 at the NASFAT Islamic Center, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Mowe, Ogun State.


The weeklong event shall be used to enlighten and sensitize Muslims, Government and the public on the thematic focus: Muslimah! Making A Difference.

Its focus shall cover Education, Health, Charity, Empowerment, Development activities and fund raising. 

Other highlights of the week include a fundraising Dinner and the Grand Finale for the construction of NASFAT Women Orphanage Centre at Mowe, Ogun State and the acquisition of a 30 Seat Coaster Bus.


A minimum of N100,000.00 (One hundred thousand Naira) is to be contributed  per Branch on or before 30th August, 2014 towards the projects and hosting of the week.


May Allah perfect us in all our doings as we crave to put in our own little contribution to the Deen.


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NASRUL-LAHI-L-FATIH Society shall in sha Allah shall hold its annual Laylatul Quadri (Night of Majesty) in the evening of Friday 25th July, to run overnight till the morning of Saturday 26th July, 2014 at the NASFAT Islamic Center, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Mowe Ogun State.

As-Salamu `alaykum,

All praises are due solely to Allah, - the Lord of the Worlds. May His unending peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, his household, companions and the generality of Muslims till the end of Time (Amin) .

Nasfat Agency for Zakat and Sadaqat is a newly set up agency wholly owned by NASFAT. It has the responsibility for upping the awareness of all Muslims of their obligation of paying Zakat; which is the third pillar of Islam.

It is saddled with the responsibility of Collection and Distribution of Zakat and Sadaqat. It is also responsible for collecting and managing Waqf (Endowment), Kaffarah (Breaking fast in Ramadan, Breaking of Oath/Vows, Intercourse during Menstruation}, Execution of Wills and providing guidance and counselling on Zakat calculations. It also goes on to provide Educational and Welfare support programmes (Prisons Dawah and Rehabilitation Programme, Almajir/Street Kids Education and Welfare, establishment and/or Support for Orphanages, Scholarships for Indigent Muslim Students in secondary and tertiary institutions, Relief materials for victims of natural disasters and insurgents attack and the establishment of a Zakat Counselling and Training Institute).

The women wing of NASRUL-LAHI-L-FATIH SOCIETY (NASFAT) held its 4th Biennial NASFAT Women Conference at Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria from the 17th to 20th April, 2014 with the theme: “Muslimah! It’s Time To Move……..”. About 600 delegates from 165 of NASFAT branches and groups in Nigeria, Accra, Cotonou and Port-Novo participated in the 4-day Conference.


2.         The opening ceremony held on the 18th of April, 2014 was chaired by Prof. Isiaq Oloyede, Secretary General of Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) with the Wife of the Governor of the State Osun, Hajia Serifat Aregbesola, Grand Imam of South Western Region,  Alhaji Imam Mustapha Ajisafe, and Olufon of Ifon Osun, Oba Abdulmoruf Adekunle Mogbagbeola in attendance as Special Guests.  

Following the state of insecurity in Nigeria, The National Mission Board of NASFAT has urged all NASFAT members worldwide to embark on one day fasting and prayer on Sunday, 8th June, 2014.


All members in Ogun and Lagos should converge at NASFAT PRAYER CENTRE, MOWE, Ogun State, while other zones of NASFAT should also converge at their respective praying grounds.

Praise be to Allah for His Mercies immeasurable in sustaining the growth and progress of our Mission. Alhamdulilahi, Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fatih Society now has membership in virtually all parts of Nigeria and notable presence in the West Coast, in UK & Ireland and the United States. It is really gratifying to observe that in virtually all locations, our emblem of presence, the face and human sign post of Nasfat has always been our women, especially when well robed in the beautiful blue and white hijabs signaling Nasfat’s true colours.


On behalf of the BOT, NEC, NMB and NCOE, I hereby commend and congratulate the women of Nasfat for staging yet another of its biennial conferences. The idea of holding and sustaining conferences in Nasfat is to give succinct expression to one of the critical mission objectives of Nasfat which is promoting intellectual discourse on contemporary issues among Muslims, and establishing a strong voice for the Muslim Ummah on topical subjects of interest.

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